Event Production at the Disneyland Resort

Event Production (Part Two)

Producing A Disneyland Sized Event


images (2)As the weekend of December 14th draws closer so does our excitement for what will prove to be an unforgettable day at the Disneyland Resort. Planning this corporate event has combined all of our production skills, utilized our twenty five years of experience of event planning and incorporated the talents of our best event designers, corporate event planners and audio visual staff. So how does a corporate event like this even begin? With all of the details to coordinate, where do you start? As we to continue in Part Two of this four part series (read part 1, and part 2) on event production at Disney we will answer some of these questions. No event this year better highlights these skills better than Disneyland in Anaheim. Productionimages began several months ago while considering the specific location and interesting requirements involved. Starting with the initial meeting with our client to discuss what they wanted our event coordinators went to the Disneyland Resort to discuss the practical considerations and logistical concerns such as rigging points for the lighting, on site power distribution, video screens, guest registration and the schedule for the live entertainment. This is all part of the pre planning stage for any event, including negotiation with the venue. What else goes into planning an event such as this one? Diagrams for the fire marshal, entrances, exits and the important consideration of the flow of guests into the GrandBallroom-DisneylandHotelmain ballroom for dinner. We coordinated all of this this with the friendly event services representatives from the hotel and made completely sure every base was covered to ensure a smooth event. We also discussed with them how timing will work with the live show and the details of serving food for 2,000 people. This proved to be an interesting point because the nature of this particular show must be pitch black. Timing the meal and subsequent speeches was of the utmost importance. What else goes into event production? An entertainer rider. What is an entertainer rider? It is a document which clearly lays out what is needed from props to lighting, AV requirements, hotel accommodation, changing rooms for the entertainers, meals and any other requirements. The rider covers all of these aspects and in a very real sense is our guide gobo-projector-led-fxand template for the event. As you can see event production combines all of aspects of an event including logistics, live entertainment, catering, bar and beverage service and event design. Some events just require one or two of these moving parts to work well to be a success. In this case, we combined all of our experience and really created a main event. With photo booths, a live pirate on hand, excellent food and a special performance by the world renowned Luma Dance Company…all in the Grand Ballroom at the Disneyland Resort…well, it looks like Christmas is coming early this year. In part three we’ll show you how all of these moving parts came together on the day and bring you some fantastic pictures from the Disneyland Resort.

See the Luma Dance Company’s Promo Video

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