Corporate Holiday Planning: Disney Resort, Lounge in LA

Event Production (Part One)


Corporate Holiday Planning Like No Other at
the Happiest Place on Earth…

Disney Resort, Lounge & Exhibit Hall

christmas tree and decor for company christmas partyWe love it when a plan comes together. Starting this week we will be devoting our next four blogs into a series and taking you on a tour of corporate event planning. We want to show you what it takes for all the pieces to come together and give you a realistic view of what goes into event production. No better corporate event this year highlights our event resources and production capabilities than a spectacular company holiday party taking place at the Disney Resort in December. This particular event is an excellent example of what a holiday party can be when using our range of event services including event design, logistics, catering, lighting, sound, live entertainment and venue coordination. This is onehave your corporate event at a fair plan that came together beautifully. Preparation and set up for the event begins in the early hours of the morning with a pre-function cocktail reception scheduled that evening in the beautiful Disney lounges featuring a live jazz quartet with geometric and abstract shaped gobos highlighting the walls including yellow, purple and blue up lighting with lavishly lit color washes. This is event design at its very best. Following the cocktail reception “light beings” will encourage guests into the Exhibit Hall for dinner whereadd lighting to your indoor venue for a special effect pre recorded “Luma Themed” music will play. During dinner up lighting, color washes and gobos will highlight aspects of the room and will feature the company’s impressive logo. During dinner speeches are scheduled as well as a stunning half hour performance by the Luma Theatre of Light Company. After dinner dancing and photo booth opportunities are scheduled, closing out a truly memorable evening. As you can see, all of this is the perfect blend of event design, catering, live entertainment and a superb location. We believe that hosting your company holiday pparty lighting, staging, trussing, tables, chairs and centerpieces set up by event produciton teamarty can and should be out of this world. Event Production includes all of your AV needs such as microphones for speeches, state of the art sound systems for your music and most importantly, an experienced AV professional to run the evening. We provide all of that and more. As you can see also, event design includes sophisticated lighting schemes that highlight your room and greatly enhance your atmosphere. Extra touches in this case include the entrance to the Exhibit Hall which will be draped with elegant velvet curtains and ties while two of our friendly staff members are at the door collecting guest raffle tickets. When we talk about production we include everything. Next week in part luma dance group picturestwo of our four part series covering this event I’m going to talk to you about how and event like this comes together in the early stages of planning. This includes details like rigging points for lighting, power distribution, video screen installation, diagrams for the fire marshall, how to coordinate the flow of guests into the ballroom, serving food to 2,000 people and more on the exciting Luma Show. Because the room must be pitch black for this particular show to work…how do we make all this happen? What exactly is Luma? They’re a group of five performers dressed head to toe in black, fusing performance with a stunning light show. More on Luma and this upcoming event next week in part two. Welcome to Event Solutions, your corporate holiday event planner.

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