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Here at Event Solutions, we understand that the right event entertainment is of utmost importance at your next corporate event. DJs and MCs are both excellent entertainment options for your next event, and can transform an ordinary soiree into something extraordinary.

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With nearly 30 years of experience planning a wide variety of corporate events, we have the know-how to arrange the best, most engaging and professional MCs and DJs in Southern California. Unlike other event planning companies, Event Solutions understands the importance of providing work-appropriate entertainment for guests. We know that you want your guests to have fun, but we also know that corporate events need to adhere to a certain professional standard. Let us help you provide high quality, positive and engaging entertainment for your guests.

About Each


An MC (or “emcee”), otherwise known as the Master of Ceremonies, is responsible for keeping your entertainment program on track, in an engaging and entertaining way! An experienced MC is an invaluable tool for creating an atmosphere of fun, excitement and comfort among your guests. Ever been to a show that was disorganized, and as a result felt awkward? Were there too many long pauses, not enough break time between acts, or low energy within the event space? An MC’s job is to prevent against all those things by helping to direct the crowd’s attention from one attraction to the next.

MC Getting Employees to participate in company picnic games at the beach

Our roster of skilled MCs are available for any type of event you may be considering. Traditionally, an MC directs attractions for an indoor gala, dinner, or other more formalized event. But, an MC can be equally beneficial for your next company picnic. Curious about how this works in real life? Visit our blog for recaps on company picnics that successfully utilized MCs.

MC on Stage managing company picnic games at the beachDJs

A DJ is most typically hired to play and monitor the musical selection or the approved playlist for an event. They control the musical genre, the sound level and the progression of the playlist itself. In other words, the DJ is there to help foster a rich, comprehensive experience.

With the right DJ, your guests will be dancing and enjoying themselves all night long. He or she works proactively and constructively with the crowd’s pace, expertly sensing when guests need a pick me up or are itching to slow things down a bit. They can help introduce special activities during the event, announce award presentations, present dance floor games, or direct the crowd in other ways conducive to a festive environment.

DJ Getting Employees on the Dance Floor at Company Holiday Party in Austin, TX

Not Sure Which to Pick?

Many of the DJs we work with double as MCs, and vice versa! If your next event requires a DJ, an MC, or both let Event Solutions help you find the perfect one. While we have several professionals we work with on a regular basis, if you already have a personal preference for your next party, let us know! We’re eager to work with a wide variety of entertainment professionals to help make your event an outstanding experience.

Things to Consider When Booking an MC or DJ:

  • Experience

    Is your MC or DJ a veteran or a newbie? Experience level can make a big difference in the fun factor at your next event. If you’re unsure, ask if your professional has links to social pages (e.g., YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Soundcloud), or seek out personal references.

  • Expertise

    If you’re thinking of hiring someone in particular, ask them what types of events they regularly perform at. Some DJs and MCs specialize in corporate events; others do weddings, while some are experts at children’s parties and have a large repertoire of age-appropriate tunes. Here at Event Solutions, we specialize in corporate events, so if you’re unsure, let one of our knowledgeable planners make the arrangements.

  • Musical Tastes

    Some DJs specialize in certain genres. Be sure to ask introductory questions to ensure that your DJ will play the kind of music you and your guests want to hear.

  • Event Type

    If you’re hosting a sit-down dinner but still want entertainment, live music presented by an engaging MC might be preferable to create a more intimate ambiance. On the other hand, a DJ is often the perfect choice for a buffet-style holiday party. Consider your options based on the type of environment you envision.

Above all, it’s your MC or DJ’s job to encourage guests to dance, mingle, and have the time of their lives!  Let the skilled planners at Event Solutions help you arrange a fantastic DJ, MC or both for your next corporate eventholiday party, or company picnic. Regardless of your event size, musical genre or attendee demographic, we can help find a DJ that fits the bill, no matter what

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