Corporate Team Building Events, Games & Activities for Big Groups

Corporate Team Building Events

_MG_0372 (1)Planning your next corporate event? Planning a company picnic? If you’re looking for exciting team building activities, our event planners are here to show you new and exciting activities designed to bring coworkers together in a friendly, fun-filled atmosphere. Company Picnic Planning in 2014 has never been easier than today. The event planners at Event Solutions not only specialize in corporate team building events, they bring years of experience and a creative flair to the party. For example, our Olympic theme picnic comes with authentic event design including a stage with colorful Olympic decorations, registration booths, an award ceremony and highly competitive games allimages (2) day long. We mark out the playing fields in chalk and set up the areas where the games take place. Event coordinators on the ground work with Team Leaders to create a highly charged, exciting day where teams compete against each other for the big prizes. This is an excellent example of a successful corporate team building event. Although competitive, a company morale boosting team building exercise is an excellent way for workers to bond with each other. By working together to beat the other team, it provides a huge morale boost among coworkers because working together brings people together.

Raft Racing Regatta

Another interactive activity is our Model Sized Raft Racing Regatta. Bring your white trousers, boat shoes and blue sailing caps… This is a high energy, fun-filled event you and your coworkers will remember for a long time. So here we go! Teams will be called upon to design, build, de2012-04-15.119corate, and race their rafts. You have to be creative and think fast to win this one! Why? Because you only have half an hour to build your rafts utilizing the equipment we provide. Following that comes the single-round elimination Regatta challenge. You have ONE SHOT to prove yourselves worthy of competing. Only the winning boat from each round will go on to the final competitions. Then comes the round robin elimination Regatta challenge. Following that challenge there will be a comprehensive debriefing session. If the event is held inside, the debriefing will be coupled with a highlight video of the afternoon’s activities. If this sounds fun that’s because it is! Ready? So here’s how it works…

Raft Racing Regatta Details

·         6 guests per team

·         Approximate time frame is 1.5-2 hours

o   Team development: 15 minutes

o   Raft building: 30 minutes

o   Raft Racing: 30 minutes

o   Presentations and awards: 15 minutes

o   Fun debrief: 10 minutes

·         Group Size: 24 –300+ guests

·         Team Size: 6-8 guests per team

·         Space Requirements: Suitable for indoors or outdoors, but some water over spill may occur.

·         Ideal Use: Annual Meetings, Company Outings, Team Bonding

Team Building at Company Picnics

IMG_9844 The Model Sized Raft Racing Regatta has proved to be a highly successful team building activity. Part arts and crafts, part creative design and part competition, it’s a great way to work together as a team and watch something you made together race and compete against the other boats. We love taking this particular activity to corporate events and company picnics. It’s exciting to set up and a blast to watch as the day goes on and the competitions get more intense. Team building is more important than ever. That’s why we don’t just bring great food, entertainment and event design to the party. We bring a range of interactive games that will bring people together.  You can find out more about our exciting team building packages by contacting an event planner today.


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