Employee Appreciation Award Ceremony: Show Them They Are Appreciated

Employee Award Ceremonies

Appreciation Award Ceremony

A lot goes into a successful company. At Event Solutions, we believe that your employees are a big part of it. To show them how appreciative you are, an award ceremony is a fantastic way to not only show recognition but to encourage them to keep up the hard work. With our event coordinators helping you from start to finish, organizing an award ceremony has never even easier!

Employee Award Ceremony and Holiday Party

Transform Any Event Into an Award Ceremony

Whether throwing a company picnic, holiday party, corporate meeting, employee conference, compliance party, or company outing, there is always a way to incorporate an award ceremony. An award ceremony can be the central part of the event or can be a great ending (or start) to your celebration. An event manager will work with you to decide how you want to show your appreciation. You can select to have simple awards, professionally printed and given in front of your team. Or, you might instead have plaques, trophies, and/or great personalized gifts.

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Reasons to Have an Awards Ceremony

Our company believes that there is always something to celebrate. Want to show recognition to employees for a job well done? An award ceremony is a perfect opportunity to show your employees that you notice their performance and excellent work ethic. An award ceremony is also a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge employee milestones such as work anniversaries, no accidents for a year, meeting essential quotas, or giving other employees something to work towards. Not only are award ceremonies a fantastic way to give a big “thank you” to your hardworking and loyal employees, but it also boosts company morale, bringing your team together.

What You Might Need

When it comes to award ceremonies, there are extraordinary things you will need to ensure that your award ceremony is a success they will remember. Bringing in a raised stage creates a sense of importance and will allow your guests (and other employees) to see the awards being given. It also serves as an excellent backdrop for photos, videos, and other media.

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A sound/PA system with a microphone for announcements is also a necessity to make sure that your guests can hear what is going on. Some clients even choose to have  DJ or MC to let people know the ceremony is starting and helping run the show. Your event manager will coordinate the perfect time and place for your ceremony to get the most out of your investment.

Ceremonies for Large Companies

Employee Award Ceremony

When it comes to significant events, you may want your ceremony displayed on projection screens to make sure everyone can see, hear, and participate. When it comes to these large events, it is easy for different parts to become lost in the shuffle of the day. This is where an event coordinator becomes super helpful, making sure that your event is a success. Having an on-site event manager is also incredibly important as they take care of all the conflicting factors that happen all at once. Contradictory entertainment, vendor/venue issues, food getting cold while guests are watching the ceremony… these things are resolved by a professional team such as ours.

employee award ceremony with projection screen at company holiday party in los angeles

Market Your Event!

You can also choose to have your ceremony filmed so that it can be used in marketing, social media, and for reflection for the following year’s party. An award ceremony works great for an annual event, like a holiday party, as a great way to look back on a year of hard work. Our company makes your award ceremony easy. We can provide all the services you may need, including someone to professionally film and edit the videos, help with signs, awards, and even set up the stage with lighting, sound, and decoration.

Check Out This Holiday Award Ceremony

Start Planning Your Award Ceremony Today  

A lot happens before the ceremony starts and that is where we come in. To ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly, our team is here to assist you from start to finish. Not only do we take care of the ceremony, but we are also here to plan your entire event. Do you want to provide your guests with a delicious meal? Are you looking for event designers to make your party beautiful? With 3 decades of experience, we are a full catering company here to help you with all of your event planning needs.

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