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Fortune Tellers & Caricature Artists

Fortune Tellers & Caricature Artists

Fortune tellers and caricature artists are great additions to any company picnic or corporate party and are often staples at events like fairs and amusement parks. But what if we can bring that same level of entertainment to your event? Well, we can. Event Solutions has a great number of fortune tellers and caricature artists that will come to your event with their skills and talent to amuse and wow your guests.

Fortune Tellers

The fortune tellers hired by Event Solutions are the real thing, whether you believe in that sort of thing or not! Our fortune tellers can do palm readings, crystal balls, or tarot cards and have been known to be right on the mark in terms of many predictions.

Our fortune tellers are discreet and will spend the same amount of time with each guest to ensure that they get the full benefit. Your guests will have an opportunity to ask questions about their reading as well as come back again and ask a new question if they choose. This activity is more for young adults and adults and would be a great accompaniment to any themed picnic.

Fortune Teller at Company Picnic for Employees and Family

Caricature Artists

Caricature artists will draw or paint images of your guests as though they were a cartoon. This activity is fun because your guests can take something physical home with them to frame or display on their desk at work. The caricature artists hired by Event Solutions are professional and talented and will give character to each drawing that they complete.

Our Caricature Artists will get to know the personality of your guests a little bit and then go to work drawing their image as though they were a star in one of the Disney movies. Caricature artists are great for picnics because people are in a great mood and will think their drawings are funny or amusing. This activity is fun for all ages and always great at any themed picnic.

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Choosing the Right Entertainment

When it comes to picking the right entertainment for your corporate event, you want to find entertainment that it both fun and engaging. That is exactly what caricature artists and fortune tellers are. Not only will your guests enjoy this entertainment, but they will also enjoy the process! Interested in finding out about some of our other event entertainment? Contact an event planner.

Plan Your Entertainment

Our team believes that the entertainment at your event is arguably the most important part. We want your guests to enjoy themselves and to leave your party with a grin from ear to ear. Give us a call today to pick the perfect entertainment for you.

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