Company Picnic Entertainment: Team Building Activities, Games, Ideas

The Best Company Picnic Entertainment in Southern California

Team Building Games

Company picnic planning includes a wealth of options and decisions. Thankfully, your dedicated event planner makes it easy. At Event Solutions, we offer a wide variety of specially designed team building games, performers and attractions that are used by large Fortune 1000 companies at their annual company picnics each year. We understand that professional, family-friendly entertainment is a top priority for your next picnic. We’re here to help by providing truly spectacular entertainment options that are sure to wow your guests. Depending on your preference, our event planners can fully customize your team building games to your exact specifications; you can also choose from a number of entertainment packages that include some of our favorite offerings. Let us inspire you to have the time of your life at your next corporate picnic!

Picnic Entertainment, Perfected

Once you’ve decided on the best location for your company picnic with our skilled event coordinators, the next step is choosing the entertainment.  Fireworks, board games, amusement park style rides, and puppet shows are just the beginning of what we have to offer. Your picnic entertainment need not be dry, boring, or routine by any means! The top-rated picnic planners at Event Solutions want to help you achieve your maximum picnic potential, and that means making sure that no detail is spared! Whether you and your co-workers or employees are water sports fans, baseball enthusiasts, team-building obsessed, or just want to kick back on the beach with a cold one, let us help you create a playful environment with our variety of picnic entertainment. If you’re not having fun, we’re not doing our job! Call 800-366-0603 today for a free estimate!

Reviews About Our Picnic Planners

“Dear Denise and Event Solutions Staff: We would like to thank you for the planning and work put into our wonderful company picnic last month. We greatly appreciate it! Our picnic was a hit!”

– Caroline, St Joseph Health

Entertainment That Promotes Team Building

Our Signature Showtime Extravaganza is a very popular option, along with our game package and standard DJ option. Event Solutions is known for its interactive team-building games, and company picnics are a great way to bolster employee relationships and show them how much their dedication and hard work is appreciated. Our team building games are designed specifically for your employees and are guaranteed to include things they like to do. Our games are fun, helpful, and by the time the picnic is over, your employees will experience a true sense of team spirit, trust, and camaraderie that will last all year long.

Limitless Entertainment Choices

Dedicated Entertainers

We offer entertainment packages that range from two to five hours based on the number of guests expected and your budget for the day. All of our entertainers are experienced, energetic, and lively performers. They’re hand-picked by us and always put their full effort into every show. Our Masters of Ceremonies are spontaneous, fun-loving creative professionals who truly love what they do.

Innovative Company Picnic Games

With awesome prizes and giveaways, your MC will keep things moving and everyone happy. Our event planner will create an exciting day just for you, with innovative games to keep your employees entertained and build a sense of teamwork. In fact, we specialize in team building activities. Every year we bring in psychologists, game inventors and our experience with large Fortune 1000 companies to our Los Angeles headquarters to create games that boost office moral, encourage team building and strengthen positive relationships with employees. No other event planning company in Southern California specializes in corporate events like we do. We know your picnic is really a business investment and we want to make sure you get a long term return of happy employees.

We Serve All of the USA

We’re very proud of our distinctive approach to company picnic games and competitions. All of our game leaders are hand-selected and trained in-house in the art of company picnic entertainment. New vendors are selected every year in order to maintain our reputation for unique, cutting-edge picnic entertainment. Games packages include competitions designed exclusively for team building, as well as wild and wacky family competitions for all ages. We guarantee participation from all age groups at your event! We even have game leaders that visit every table to ensure everyone, young and old, have a great time. Games are fast-paced and consistent, with great prizes after every game, such as super soakers, skateboards, coffee makers, and so much more!

Capture It All On Camera!

Ask About Our Free* Photographer Offer!

When you work with our event planners, everyone is a winner. Whether your event is being held in Los Angeles or Orange County, one thing is certain: every detail of your company picnic will be carefully thought out by one of our experienced picnic planners. You’ll be amazed at just how easy planning a company picnic can be. We handle it all, from custom t-shirts to the team building games to on-site BBQ catering. The only think you have to do is talk to an event planner today. They can’t wait to show you all the possibilities available for your special event, including how you can capture it all for your marketing team for free*!

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