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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can our corporate picnic be held?

A. The short answer is anywhere you like. Event Solutions proudly serves all of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. Picnics are traditionally held at parks or the beach, but we can also secure a more exotic venue for your special day. We have planned company picnics at the Los Angeles Zoo and a private mansion in West Los Angeles, to name just a couple of our more exciting locales.

Q. How do I select the perfect picnic location?

A. Before deciding where your picnic will be held, we will need to decide on the size and theme of your event. Do you want to have amplified music or inflatables? Does the proposed site have electricity or are generators required? Our professional event planners will go over all of these details and more when helping you select the perfect picnic location.

Q. How is the food served at a company picnic?

A. At Event Solutions, we have our very own caterers waiting to serve up a variety of menu options at your picnic. We build our very own kitchens on site, meaning your food will be freshly prepared and served with a smile. The most common menu options are grilled, meaning we set up our BBQs right there at the beach, park, or whichever location you have chosen to host your event.

Q. What is the price for a group picnic?

A. While we have no set price list, the rates for our picnic services are very competitive. The costs for your event may include catering, games, entertainment, venue rates (if applicable), and equipment. The size of your picnic will also be a factor, with most prices calculated on a per-guest basis.

Q. What will I be responsible for on the day of?

A. Part of the beauty of working with Event Solutions is that we handle every aspect of your event, from securing the location to preparing the food to cleaning up when the whole thing is over. Once you have made the arrangements with our event planners, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Q. Should my picnic feature games?

A. A day at the park or the beach is nice, but what makes a picnic truly special is the time spent with your fellow workers. And what better way to do that than with some fun and interactive games? They give everyone the chance to have fun together and foster a team-building dynamic. Games are an especially good idea if you have younger employees or employees with teenagers. But our Event Solutions games are fun for everyone and can be tailored for even your most sedentary coworkers.
Q. What types of games are available for my corporate picnic?

A. Here at Event Solutions, we like to say that the sky’s the limit when it comes to planning your picnic, social party, or corporate event. Our games are no exception. As an integral part of the experience, your games will be perfectly matched to your chosen theme and goals for your event. We can provide everything from classic picnic games like potato sack races to carnival midway games and dunk tanks.

Q. How coordinated should the games be?

A. That really depends on your vision for your picnic. Some clients want to use the opportunity to practice team building, while others are simply interested in offering their employees a fun day off. Some games, especially those designed to foster teamwork, will require a good deal of coordination. Fortunately, our event planners and team building experts can direct everyone on the day of the event. Midway games, on the other hand, are simply staffed and made available to your guests throughout the day, no coordination required.

Q. Do your games offer prizes?

A. It depends on the game, but we do offer prizes as part of our company picnic planning services. Midway games come with prizes, but we can also include them for group activities and team-building games. Our Olympic-themed picnic even gives out medals, which make a great door prize and will serve as a reminder of your fun-filled day for years to come.

Q. Do I have to supply any game equipment?

A. No, at Event Solutions we provide everything you need for a picnic filled with fun and excitement. We bring everything you need to keep your guests entertained, whether it’s a rope for tug of war or game booths for a carnival day. However, you and your guests can feel free to bring any other games you like. After all, it is your day.

Q. Do you have games for kids?

A. Yes. We can provide kiddie rides and games to keep the little ones entertained all day long. The same goes for older or less mobile guests. Our goal is to make your annual picnic a blast for everyone; just let us know the age range of your guests and we can give you a long list of choices for games and rides.

Company Picnic Entertainment

Q. Why should I have entertainment at my event?

A. Food and games are the twin cornerstones of any good event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer your guests additional entertainment. Live entertainers add a whole new dimension to any company picnic, transforming the day into something really memorable. It also gives your guests the opportunity to cool their heels, a much needed rest on those hot Southern California days.

Q. What are my company picnic entertainment options?

A. There are a wide variety of live entertainment choices available for your annual picnic. Live music is always a popular choice, with everything from rock bands to DJs to string quartets available for your picnic. But we don’t stop there. We can also hook you up with a comedian, magician, juggler, or any other live entertainer you can think of.

Q. Where is the entertainment staged?

A. The details of your picnic are largely dependent on the venue you select. If possible at your chosen location, we can erect a tent and stage to host your live entertainment. On a hot day in Los Angeles or Orange County, your guests will be happy to relax in the shade of a tent and watch a live entertainer perform.

Q. Is your company picnic entertainment family friendly?

A. Yes, our entertainers provide the best family friendly entertainment around. This is important not just for your guests and their children, but anyone who may be nearby at your selected venue. This is especially important when we host your picnic at a public park or the beach.

Q. Are there any entertainment restrictions?

A. In general, we do everything in our power to give you exactly what you want on the day of your picnic. As with most of the services we provide, we can give you a long list of entertainment choices to select from or, if you have something specific in mind, just ask. Our friendly event planners will do everything they can to turn your request into reality.

More Company Picnic Ideas

Q. What are the steps when planning my picnic?

A. That depends on your desired outcome for your event. Some customers come to us with a very specific vision for their annual picnics. Others only have a vague idea of what their event will be. As long as you have a good idea of the date and the guest list, we can handle the rest. The first step is usually selecting a theme, which can guide the rest of your choices.

Q. What are some common ideas used by businesses?

A. At Event Solutions, nothing we do is common. Every picnic we plan is a special event just for you and your guests, and we never do things by the numbers. Some of our most popular ideas in the past have included Western themes, live entertainment under a big tent, and carnival midway games. And of course, BBQ is usually the preferred food choice for outdoor picnics of all kinds.

Popular Company Picnic Themes

Q. What is the right theme for my company picnic?

A. There is a lot of latitude when it comes to choosing a company picnic theme. Southern California can be a wonderland in and of itself, especially with the breathtaking venues we can secure for your event. You can add another layer of imagination with one of our many popular themes. Western, Luau, Carnival, Americana, Safari, International, and Beach are some of our most popular themes.

Q. Do I have to select the theme myself?

A. As with every aspect of planning your event, we put you in the driver’s seat. However, our event planners are full of ideas to make your day special. If you don’t want to choose the theme yourself, they can put together a package just for you. Just let your event planner know what aspects you want to include, and then sit back and watch the magic happen.

Q. Can I choose a theme that isn’t listed on this site?

A. Of course. It’s your day, so you can have any theme you like. If you have a truly unique idea, our event planners will find a way to make it happen. We have relationships with vendors that supply pretty much everything, meaning no theme is out of reach. We have thrown events that mimic life under the sea and recreate the atmosphere of a ‘50s diner, just to give you some ideas.

Picnic Catering Menus

Q. What food do I serve at my company picnic?

A. While there is no universally accepted menu for company picnics, barbecue is usually called for. We can grill burgers, hot dogs, and vegetarian options fresh on site for you and your guests. Other popular picnic foods usually include chili, corn, and potato salad. However, this standard fare isn’t for everyone. Your catering menu can be tied directly to your theme and can be as adventurous as you like.

Q. Do you have premium catering options?

A. Our full menu is available, including premium items like baby back ribs, tri tip, and pollo al carbon. We have a number of prepared menus with set per-person pricing, but you can also mix and match your food choices to craft the perfect company picnic menu, including as many premium foods as you like.

Q. Where is the food prepared?

A. We prepare all of our catered meals fresh on site. In fact, we build our prep stations right at your selected venue, including grills and all. You and your guests will probably be having too much fun to notice, but you can watch all the fresh delicious food being cooked if you like.

Q. Do you accommodate vegetarians?

A. Yes! All of our catering menus are available with vegetarian options. Just let us know how much vegetarian/vegan food you want, whether you need to accommodate a few of your guests or you want the entire event to be vegan.

Q. What is the environmental impact of your catering services?

A. We go out of our way to make sure that your food is prepared in the cleanest, most eco-friendly way we can. If you really want to reduce the carbon footprint of your event, we have upgraded packages that reduce waste and utilize greener methods. We can also tailor the other aspects of your corporate picnic to make it as green as possible.

Moon Bounces

Q. Why should I get a moon bounce for my company picnic?

A. Moon bounces and other inflatables are fun kids and adults alike. They are a great way for everyone to have some active fun, and they’re extremely safe too. If you want to inject some extra fun into your day, moon bounces are the way to go.

Q. What types of inflatables are available?

A. We have inflatables of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Some are simple moon bounces, while others are like air-filled gladiator rings (without the lions). They also come in a variety of themes, from brands you know and love (like Disney Princess and Spiderman) to works of pure imagination. In many cases, we can supply a moon bounce that ties directly into your chosen company picnic theme to maintain the atmosphere you want.

Q. Do you have water slides?

A. Yes, water slides are among the many types of inflatables we offer. On hot summer days, our slip ‘n’ slides and water hose inflatables are always a big hit. Just make sure to let your guests know to pack their swimsuits.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of inflatables I can order?

A. The only limit is the amount of physical space at your chosen venue. We have thrown events with dozens of moon bounces, turning the whole day into one giant theme park experience. Call today to speak with one of our event planners about the rates for these popular attractions.