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Chula Vista, which translates to “beautiful view,” is known for its incredible ocean views and beautiful sunsets. Also known as the “Lemon Capital of the World” and for the annual Rose Festival, it is no wonder why so many people love hosting their corporate events in Chula Vista. Looking for an event planning company who will organize a party that showcases the beauty of this San Diego location? You’ve come to the right site. With 30 years of experience, our team will create an event that will be hard to forget.

We Love Chula Vista

Take advantage of this gorgeous location by picking an event faciltiy that shows it off. Find a space with floor to ceiling windows that highlight the ocean and plan your party during sunset. Or, just plan your event right on the beach, bringing everything you need right to the sand. Planning a black tie event? We can host your Chula Vista event at one of the top event spots in the city. Contact us to find out more.

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We Work With All Chula Vista Event Facilities

Our team wants your event to be spectacular, and that starts with finding an incredible event facility. Private mansions that overlook the city, beachfront hotels, gorgeous parks, and stunning rooftop are right at your fingertips with the help of our team. For people who want a location that is more customized, our team can also transform unconventional spaces like a warehouse or loft to create one-of-a-kind events. Whether throwing a company outing, corporate Christmas party, press conference, or networking event, our company has the perfect San Diego event facility for you.

The Possibilities are Limitless

Want to really blow your guests away? Host your event on a yacht at the California Yacht Marina. Guests will enjoy delicious catering and bond with employees while enjoying the incredible views and smell of the ocean. Looking for something a little more upbeat and festive? Just seven and a half miles from the border, plan a party that incorporates the Mexican culture with live music, delicious food, and vibrant decor. Our goal is to create customized events wholly tailored towards you and your company. Let us know what you want, and our team will make it happen!

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Make Your Party Dreams a Reality

Ready to get started on your Chula Vista event? Looking for a company that will plan everything from start to finish? Contact us today for a free quote and to speak with one of our friendly and experienced event planners. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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