Change Control Policy & Procedures

Policy Statement: Event Solutions recognizes the importance of effective change management to ensure the stability, integrity, and security of its systems, infrastructure, and services. This Change Control Policy establishes the guidelines and procedures for managing changes to Event Solutions’ environment in a controlled and structured manner.

1. Policy Objectives:

1.1. To minimize the risks associated with changes to Event Solutions’ systems, infrastructure, and services.

1.2. To ensure changes are evaluated, authorized, and implemented following a standardized process.

1.3. To maintain documentation and accountability for all changes implemented.

1.4. To promote communication and coordination among stakeholders involved in the change management process.

2. Change Management Process:

2.1. All changes, including modifications, additions, or removal of hardware, software, configurations, or processes, must undergo a formal change management process.

2.2. Changes should be planned, documented, reviewed, authorized, and implemented in a controlled manner, adhering to the defined change management procedures.

3. Change Request Submission:

3.1. Change requests must be submitted through a designated change request form or system, providing comprehensive details about the proposed change. This may include email requests.

3.2. Change requests should include information such as the nature of the change, justification, expected impact, implementation plan, and relevant supporting documentation.

4. Change Evaluation and Approval:

4.1. Change requests will be evaluated based on predefined criteria, including the potential impact on systems, infrastructure, services, security, and compliance.

4.2. An authorized Change Advisory Board (CAB), comprising representatives from relevant departments, will review and approve or reject change requests based on their assessment.

4.3. The CAB will consider factors such as the business justification, technical feasibility, risk analysis, resource availability, and alignment with Event Solutions’ goals and objectives.

5. Change Implementation and Testing:

5.1. Approved changes will undergo testing, verification, and validation.

5.2. Changes may be deployed in designated testing environments or undergo a pilot phase to assess their impact and ensure proper functioning.

5.3. Change implementation should be scheduled, communicated, and coordinated to minimize disruptions and maximize efficiency.

6. Change Documentation and Tracking:

6.1. All changes, including their details, approvals, implementation steps, and outcomes, must be documented in a designated change management system or log.

6.2. Change records should include relevant information such as the change description, schedule, responsible parties, associated risks, and rollback plans if applicable.

6.3. Change records should be updated throughout the change lifecycle to provide an accurate audit trail and reference for future assessments or investigations.

7. Emergency Changes:

7.1. In exceptional circumstances where an emergency change is necessary to address critical issues or vulnerabilities, an expedited change management process may be followed.

7.2. Emergency changes must be properly justified, documented, and communicated to relevant stakeholders, with an emphasis on minimizing risks and ensuring proper controls.

8. Change Review and Auditing:

8.1. Periodic reviews and audits of the change management process will be conducted to assess its effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

8.2. Any identified deficiencies, deviations, or non-compliance with the change management policy will be addressed and remediated promptly.

9. Policy Review and Updates:

9.1. This Change Control Policy and its supporting procedures will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis or as necessary to reflect changes in the business environment, technological advancements, or regulatory requirements.

9.2. Any updates or revisions to this policy will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders within Event Solutions.

By adhering to this Change Control Policy and its supporting procedures, Event Solutions aims to ensure the effective management of changes, safeguarding the stability, integrity, and security of its systems, infrastructure, and services. This policy promotes transparency, accountability, and proper controls throughout the change management process, enabling Event Solutions to adapt to evolving business needs while minimizing risks.