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Show That Your Company Values Family

“Bring your family to work day”, also called “take your kids to work day”, is an annual event designed to teach kids about the professional world and highlight the importance of a work/family balance. It was originally designed to challenge preconceived gender roles in the workplace, including those that relate to the work/family dynamic, and most events hold to these values to this day. When planning your “bring your family to work day” event, it is important to keep these ideas in mind. Show kids that your company is the kind of place that values people regardless of gender and encourages employees to have a healthy balance between their work and family lives. At Event Solutions, we can help you plan a day that highlights all of your company’s best features and leaves both boys and girls feeling inspired by the work you do.

Good Planning Makes for a Great Day

Bring your family to work day is officially held on the fourth Thursday of every April. You’ll want to start planning your event at least two months in advance, if possible. That means forming a committee within your workplace or contacting Event Solutions to begin the planning process. From there, you’ll want to coordinate with your employees to make sure that the schools are notified and give approval for the children to be absent. Our professional event planners can take care of this for you; just provide us with the schools that need to be notified to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Once we get a headcount, we can begin planning all the fun events that will get them interested in the possibilities of your profession.

Reviews About Us:

“Bring your child to work day can be a little stressful, but Event Solutions made it totally fun. I don’t know who had a better time, me or my daughter.” Lila.

Let Kids Explore Your Business

Still trying to decide on what to do during your “take your kids to work day”? A great way to expose kids to the many things your company does is to schedule regular tours of the office. Have the kids rotate through your various departments to see the many types of jobs available to them in your industry. You can make these trips 45 minutes each, meaning work can still get done. Depending on the size of your office, you can keep all the kids in one group or split them up to rotate throughout the office. Our event coordinators can even be on-hand the day of the event to chaperon the kids around your office and make sure that everything is in order.

Bring The Whole Family

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We’ll Feed & Entertain Them Without All the Work

Catered food and live entertainment can make “bring your family to work day” an enjoyable experience for everyone. After the workday is over and the kids have seen what you do, treat everyone to a nice break with our delicious catered food, prepared fresh on site. We can set up our kitchens right outside your office and provide you with a stage so that you can address your guests and entertain them with some live music, juggling, sword swallowing, or any other entertainment you can think of.

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