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Is event planning in Bonsall stressing you out? Your company picnic or party is important and deserves an event planning company with a tradition for excellence. We want to be your company event planner, so we are more than willing to go the extra mile for you. Event Solutions is a leading San Diego County event planner and more than able to take the responsibility off your hands. Our event planner coordinator will work with you from start to finish to make sure your corporate event or company picnic is truly an event to remember.

Records show that Bonsall was originally known as “Mt. Fairview” and later as “Osgood,” after the chief engineer who was in charge of the Southern California Railroad Survey Crew in the 1870s. A petition for a post office in 1889 recommended the names of “Reed,” “Favorite,” or Bonsall.” Post office headquarters in Washington, DC chose the latter, the name of a retired Methodist minister, James Bonsall, who developed a fruit tree nursery in the area in 1889. Apparently, Mr. Bonsall was taking a load of lumber south through Gopher Canyon when his wagon broke down. He found the area so appealing, he purchased some acreage from a settler, built a home and developed his nursery all with a cash capital of $3.00. His enterprise was very successful and his house still stands today.