Alternatives to December Parties: New and Exciting Ideas for the Holidays

Alternatives to December Parties

New and Exciting Ideas for the Holidays

Your holiday party is an opportunity to bring the workforce together, reduce employee stress and create a deeper bond. Turn your same-old-same-old party into the annual antidote your employees need. We’ve got all kinds of alternatives for your typical December holiday party from decor, dates, food, venue ideas and more.

To bring some extra magic into your holiday season, our event planners challenge you to think outside the box and consider one of these with new and exciting ideas! We’ve broken it down into three steps, 1. venues and locations, 2. dates, times and fun ideas, and 3. food, menus and catering.

Staged Digital Mixed Performance with Large Projection Screen for Corporate Holiday Event

The First Step: Finding the Perfect Alternative Venue

Transform Your Office or Warehouse

A great alternative to your typical December holiday venue is your very own office, warehouse, or parking lot. Hosting a party at your own office is a great solution for people who are looking for the convenience of having it right on-site! Plus, if you decide to have your event on a workday, you will see a boost in attendance during the holiday season when schedules are hectic and crazy. The best part about hosting a party at your own space is that it makes your business central to the event, celebrating the company as much as the employees.

Company Holiday Party at Warehouse Grand Opening

With the right event planning company, you can bring in tents, rentals, catering, and decor to completely transform a space. Want to be a part of the holiday magic and create something special for your employees? Let our company revamp your space by bringing in real snow! Your guests will forever remember the day they had a snowball fight, made snowmen, and went sledding at their own warehouse in Southern California.

Spend Your Holiday Party Under the Sun

Still want to find an alternative to a typical holiday venue, but want to leave the office? Let’s find a great park or beach as your party’s destination. One of the best parts about living in Southern California is the incredible weather and sunshine almost everyday of the year. So let’s take advantage of it! Instead of booking a boring indoor holiday venue, why not choose a beautiful outdoor venue like Will Rogers Beach or Montecillo De Leo Politi? This opens up possibilities to exciting themes, outdoor cookouts, and fun team-building games and entertainment.

Company Team Building Event in Long Beach

Secure an Indoor Venue During Peak Seasons

Or, would you prefer to find a new and exciting indoor event space? Los Angeles has lots of incredible venue options, but the most popular indoor venues like CA Science Center, Crevier Classic Cars, SmogShoppe, and Cooper Design Center often book quickly and far in advance for the holidays. A great solution to make sure that you are able to secure your dream space is to consider an alternative date. For example, a weekday event is much more likely to have an opening during peak season and will also boost your attendance.

corporate anniversary at california science center endeavor

Step Two: Switch Up Your Holiday Party

Festive Employee Fun Days

While company picnics and employee fun days typically occur during summer, there is no reason why they can’t be just as fabulous during the holiday season. Just like how our event planners can transform any office or warehouse, we can make any park or beach a great venue for your winter picnic. Imagine a giant inflatable snowmen and festive Gingerbread House Moonbounce. Or what about a Winter Carnival with amazing rides & games, cookie decorating stations, and a hilarious ugly sweater competition. The possibilities are endless!

Inflatable Gingerbread Moonbounce House at the OC Winter Fest in 2016

Try a January Celebration

Not only do venues book up quickly for the best days in the winter, but so do entertainment companies, catering teams, and vendors. December is also a popular month for people to go on vacation, making attendance low. Throwing your event in late January is not only a great solution to these challenges, but it’s also great because you can use your event as a reflection on the year and as a “Kick-Off the New Year Party” to set company goals for the next. Or how about a “First Day of the Year Party?” Let’s throw an amazing beginning of the year celebration, starting the new year off on the right foot.

Company Holiday Event Fire and Ice Lounges with Snowflake Gobo

Alternatively, why not consider planning your holiday event before the holidays? What a great way to start the holiday season! To ensure that as many employees are able to come, it is important to consider their schedules and how crazy the holiday season can get. Hosting your party on a weekday during work hours is also a great solution.


New and Exciting December Holiday Themes

If you do decide to stick with throwing your event in December, let’s throw a great party… but with a twist! While Christmas celebrations and Winter Wonderland themed parties are great, they are done again and again year after year. Instead, why not throw a high end and sophisticated Casino themed party, Murder Mystery Event, Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, or Employee Awards Ceremony to show your gratitude and appreciation for all of your employees’ hard work and loyalty.

Casino Themed Holiday Party Downtown Los Angeles 2016

One of our favorite alternatives to a typical December Holiday party theme is a “Holiday’s Around the World” event. While Christmas is one of the more popular winter holidays, it is not the only one. “Holiday’s Around the World” celebrates different countries, religions, and cultures which are celebrated around the holidays and Christmas time. This is a great idea for multicultural offices, as it brings your work team together. This theme allows for an amazing assortment of diverse food, holiday music from around the world, and amazing traditional costumes.

Some of Our Other Favorite Themes Include…

  • Re-Gifting Party
  • Beach/Luau Fiesta
  • Employee Talent Show
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Karaoke Sing Celebration
  • Las Vegas Night
  • Fire & Ice Event
  • Western/Rodeo
  • Carnival/Circus
  • Team Building Olympics
  • Under the Sea
  • Roaring 20’s
  • Hollywood Glamour
  • Daytona 500

Step Three: Delicious and Unique Holiday Catering

One of the absolute best parts about the holidays is the amazing and mouth watering foods! Trust me, our company does not want to change that. Finding the right menu and catering company is the one of the most important parts about throwing a holiday party. This year, let’s keep the tasty meals that take place during the holidays, but create menus that are fresh, new, and hip.

Catered Holiday Party with Full Bar

Outdoor Catering

If you choose to throw your alternative holiday party outdoors, then a BBQ menu is a great option for you. Our BBQ is cooked fresh and prepared right on-site, guaranteeing the best product. Throwing your holiday party in California allows you to have events outside all year round and nothing beats eating delicious BBQ outside on a beautiful day.

Company BBQ Options Include Fresh Vegetarian Catering

Better with Breakfast

A typical holiday meal is either at lunch or dinner, but why did no one ever think about a holiday brunch or breakfast? Come on, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Omelet stations, egg sandwiches, belgium waffles, fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and savory eggs benedict can be your next holiday meal! Breakfast is a great way to start off the day AND the new year right!

egg sandwich at catered breakfast event

Celebrate Your Way

Have your own catering ideas on how to transform your December holiday party? Don’t hesitate, give one of our event planners a call today. Our catering team will work with you to create a customized menu tailored to your company.

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