Healthcare Company's Rodeo Picnic Beats Wild West Heatwave with Fun

Healthcare Company’s Rodeo Picnic

Rodeo Picnic Beats Wild West Heatwave

Last weekend, Event Solutions wrangled in the crowd at a recent annual company picnic. While we’ve had the pleasure of working with this medical insurance company in the past, this year’s western rodeo-themed picnic took us on a wild ride amidst sweltering 100-degree temperatures that kicked as hard as the mechanical bull. Despite the SoCal heat; water balloons, ice cream, and plenty of “cool” activities made Saturday’s event was a true hit for kids and kids-at-heart alike.

Howdy Healthcare Partners!

This bunch of cowboys and cowgirls makes up one of Southern California’s most premier healthcare networks, providing quality health services to people of all ages in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Since they offer great care to so many people, we thought it was only right to take care of them in a way only our event managers know how.

Entrance to Rodeo Picnic 2015 at El Dorado Park in Orange County

The day began at the beautiful El Dorado Park in Long Beach. Sprawled across several acres, we set up an authentic Western Rodeo picnic for guests, complete with hay bales, themed signage (think saloon storefronts and “wild wild west” wooden posts) that blended seamlessly with the park’s gorgeous grassy expanse, an array of games and interactive activities for the whole family, and of course, mouth-watering food and drink that didn’t disappoint.

Rodeo Picnic Overview

Upon arrival, guests were cheerfully greeted at check-in with colorful bandannas. In the middle of the main dining area, talented caricature artists drew amazing, one-of-a-kind portraits for hundreds of eager guests.

Rodeo Picnic 2015 Caricature Artist

This was just the beginning of the picnic entertainment: on the outer lawn area, giant inflatable bounce houses provided endless fun – kids and adults enjoyed the 15-foot Quarterback Toss and Hoop Shot manned by our expert game manager. Team building is always a focal point at company picnics, and this one was no exception; guests competed against each other on teams in the Big Foot Race, where contestants strap into giant planks and have to move in sync in order to get across the finish line. A classic carnival-style dunk tank helped guests cool off a bit, while the high-energy DJ played fun, dance-able top 40 throughout the afternoon. No Western Rodeo picnic is complete without its very own mechanical bull – everyone had the opportunity to test their wits on this (rather feisty) bull themselves. Walking around the other side of the lawn, guests enjoyed even more fun and surprises.

Rodeo Picnic 2015 Bull Ride at El Dorado Park in Orange County

A petting zoo with over 10 of our sweet and furry, four-legged friends – including goats, bunnies, and even a miniature pony — beckoned some of the youngest picnic-goers. There was even duck with a seriously fashionable hairstyle – we’ll have to ask him how he got his mane one of these days.

Rodeo Picnic 2015 Cool Duck from Petting Zoo

Speaking of fashionable, three professional airbrush tattoo artists set up camp nearby to give guests the very best in temporary body art. Guests loved transforming their personal aesthetic for the afternoon – did you know it’s entirely possible to convert into Spider-Man or a ferocious Bengal tiger in under 10 minutes?  The arts and crafts station directly next to the tattoo station gave attendants the opportunity to flex their art skills. And, if you forgot to bring a sun hat to shade yourself from the heat? No problem – just decorate your very own colorful visor with Western-themed stickers, non-toxic paint, markers and washable crayons.

Rodeo Picnic 2015 Arts and Crafts Hat Decorating El Dorado Park in Orange County

Are you hungry yet?!

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite part of any event: the food! Tables covered in festive red-and-white check were arranged throughout the event grounds. Food stations circling the dining tables were brimming with delicious BBQ ribs and chicken, decadent macaroni and cheese, sweet and savory baked beans, crisp, fresh salad, hearty rolls, and freshly baked brownies and cookies. Not feeling like chicken or ribs? Our grill master had the hamburger, cheeseburger, and hot dog game on lock just a few steps away. A fully-stocked condiment station provided the fixings for these delectable char-grilled treats.

Rodeo Picnic 2015 Ribs

Beverage stations helped guests quench their thirst: along with more obvious favorites like ice cold water and refreshing lemonade, drink attendants also provided sweet, chilled apple cider and horchata, a traditionally milky Latin American beverage made with rice, vanilla, and cinnamon.

A Picnic to Remember

Rodeo Picnic 2015 Table and Chair Rentals

As the afternoon grew later and later, guests visited the food stations for second helpings, kids went for one last visit to the petting zoo, and others just relaxed underneath the shady oak trees to enjoy the festive environment. Event staff at each station worked until the very end to ensure that guests enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

Rodeo Picnic 2015 Family Fun Day at El Dorado Park in Orange County

For us here at Event Solutions, it’s always a pleasure to host large-scale picnics such as these. They give us the opportunity to bring our clients the very best in event planning and good old-fashioned hospitality. Overall, we’d say it was a wild ride that we’d be happy to go on again and again!

wild west themed picnic

If you’d like to have a wild of a good time at your next company picnic, contact an event planner today. We’ll even provide you with a FREE photographer for your event. Just ask how!

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